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The operation is similar to pet microchip, with the difference that anyone who finds a pet with this locator, may contact the owner directly. 

(It is nit a substitute for the microchip, it is a supplement that easy to find a lost pet, due to you do not need to go to a vet to locate its owner.)

The locator is made of a recycled wood with small resin particles inside. It is ultra resistant, withstands water perfectly and, thanks to laser engraving, it is not be deleted.

The designs are ready to highlight, wear a fluorescent color (customizable) edge and the hooks are prepared for that, however much the play, can not be broken. It can be attached with flanges or rings.

We advise flanges for resistance, because being attached to the collar, have no chance of it breaking when playing or getting into holes.

Operation is really simple. Anyone with mobile phone who find this locator, can see who is the owner of pet only with it camera and an internet connection or, simply, entering the code on the locator on the website

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